T3 Modular Systems

If your customer is looking for a bespoke exhibition stand which seamlessly incorporates different substrates, such as Display Fabrics, Semi-rigid PVC, Foam Boards & Acrylics etc. we can offer an adaptable solution with the T3 Airframe & Fabframe. The systems are straightforward to construct and can be transformed to use on any future projects you may have.
As simple to construct as Lego, the system is built using simple “Twist & Lock” blocks & profiles which do not require any tools. We can build a stand to suit your customer’s specific needs and then produce the graphics to suit. If you are interested in producing a modular display stand, give us a call today.

If your customer has already booked an exhibition and has been allocated a shell scheme stand, you can offer a professional graphic solution which will completely transforms the stand. Using a specially designed clamp that slots into the shell scheme, you can produce one piece wall graphics which cover the whole stand.


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