Spiritflex Tension Frame System

The Spirit-FLEX™ Tension Frame System is one of the most popular solutions for the tensioning of flexface skins and and other PVC & textile materials. It is a very simple and versatile system, which is easy to install and requires no special tools.

It is the perfect solution for a wide range of graphics and display projects, including:

  • Outdoor signage project using PVC or Mesh
  • Indoor wall features using PVC or Artex Canvas
  • Billbooard Graphics
  • Hoarding Board Graphics
  • Building wraps 

There are a number of different Spiritflex profiles which can be used for different applications. 

F-Section Profile

  • A versatile profile for use on a wide variety of surfaces
  • The extra 20mm flange allows space for larger fixings
  • Ideal for fixing and tensioning most banners and textiles
  • Suitable for installing banners of more than 300sqm
  • Suitable for fixings at 300mm centres
  • Not to be used on aluminium cladding

F2-Section Profile

  • A good solution for fixing signage to aluminium cladding & even plasterboard
  • The extra hollow section provides additional strength
  • Like the F-Section, it is suitable for installing banners of more than 300sqm

CC2-Section Profile

  • A large, structural profile for use on bigger outdoor sites
  • It is a very strong profile which can span gaps unsupported up to 1000mm wide
  • Ideal for use on corrugated cladding


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