Speciality Materials

We carry a range of popular speciality materials that are often specified for exhibition projects and retail campaigns.
All of these materials are printed on our Durst Rho 500R at super-high resolution, producing detailed, impactful graphics which live up to (and ofter surpass) our customer's high expectations.
If you can't find the speciality material you're looking for below, let us know what your requirements are. We're certain we can help you with any special projects you may have. 

Artex Canvas

Artex Canvas is a light-weight, extremely strong, bright white canvas material with a smooth finish. It is available in a range of widths up to 5m wide and prints superbly of our Durst Rho.
It is used primarily in high-end retail and exhibition areas. Many of our regular Artex users, staple the material around timber framework at exhibitions. However, one of the main advantages of Artex Canvas is it's adaptability.
Unlike other canvas materials, Artex can be welded with ease using out high frequency welding equipment.   


Polycril 275 FR is an environmentally friendly, non-PVC, textile material which gives the appearance of a textured canvas material. A green solution available in up to 5m wide, Polycril has become a very popular alternative to PVC for us in recent years. 
Used mainly in exhibition environments and as stage backdrops, Polcril is ideal for one off events and exhibitions as it is 100% recyclable. 

Goya Textured Canvas

Goya Textured Canvas is our material of choice for producing canvas graphics. Goya is a natural woven cotton substrate, which prints superbly on our Durst Rho, creating incredibly high detail canvas graphics. 
Goya can be printed up to 3.1m in width, making it perfect for producing extra large canvases, stretched around wooden frames.
We offer the canvas framing service too, which means we build and wrap the frames in-house, making your job easier.

Whether you want a simple A1 canvas or a moster 5m x 3m canvas, we can help, achieving a taut canvas at any size. 

Greyback Soft

The Greyback Soft textile has been brought into our range of speciality materials to satisfy the demand for a block-out textile that can printed up to 5m wide and can be used in exhibition environments.
This material ticks all the boxes because it is as flexible and easy to install as Artex, and it offers a full block-out too.
Like all the previously mentioned materials, the Greyback Soft is printed on our Durst Rho technology which produces full colour graphics that are second to no other printer on the market.    


Showtime is a 100% opaque textile with a soft, satin appearance, designed for impactful, photographic quality imagery. It is currently available in 3.1m roll widths and is perfect for display applications where blocking out light and image quality are essential.   


Samba is a great material for use as an alternative to dye sublimation fabric graphics used with tension frame systems & light-boxes. It is a crease free, water tight material which can be used as a frontlit or backlit material and can be printed using UV inks on our Durst Rho 500R. It comes in a range of widths, 1.5m, 2.6m & 3.05m and works in harmony with Spirit-Tex fabric frames. Despite having impressive Dye Sublimation capabilities, we use this material in a number of instances, particularly with curved tension frames.    

Dynajet L110 

Dynajet L110 is a very thin polyester material which is used for indoor retail & POS displays. It is another material that works superbly in tension frame systems, and it's smooth surface lends itself to incredible image reproduction up to 3.1m wide. 
If you ever find yourself tendering for a retail campaign, you may come across requests for this incredibly thin (110gsm) material. Fear not, Super-Wide can assist you with the printing of it!

Phototex (Self-Adhesive Fabric)

Photoex is a remarkable, self-adhesive wallcovering material which is easy to install and even easier to remove. It leaves no residue behind upon removal, meaning you can apply it anywhere, on a short or long term basis. It can be used as permanent wallpaper or in short term retail campaigns, Point of Sale, exhibions and trade shows. Phototex will adhere to almost any surface, making it an ideal solution for many problematic areas. It is repositionable and reusable and can be contour cut to shape - making it a very adaptable material. We print phototex using our Latex printers and it comes in widths up to 1.5m wide. 

We also print on a range of paper, polypropylene, self-cling and static-cling materials on our latex machines.
If you're interested in any of the above speciality materials, or you're looking to print to a material not in the above list, please call our team on 0161 653 6500 to discuss your requirements.

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