Self-Adhesive Vinyl Products

We carry a wide range of Self-Adhesive Vinyl materials, each of which, is suited to different types of application. We have been working with the same vinyl materials for over 5 years now. This has allowed us to offer a consistent, high quality self-adhesive vinyl product to our whole customer base, whatever the customer's requirements may be. We have a large bank of 60 inch HP Latex L26500 printers in house, which means that we can output large quanitities of vinyl quickly without taking up too much capacity. Latex inks are very flexible, making the machines ideal for vehicle graphic production. Another advantage of Latex technology is that the prints do not need to be "gassed off" before lamination, which means we can turn your finished product around even quicker. 

A great proportion of our customers already operate large format printing equipment of their own, and can therefore handle most of their large format work in house. So why use us? 

Outsource your vinyl work to Super-Wide

If you already have your own large format printing equipment, we can still help you with your large format projects, hitting your deadlines on time whilst assisting you with prices that make it worthwhile to outsource the job. You can make a very healthy margin on our vinyl printing whilst clawing back machine capacity to produce shorter run, higher profitability jobs in house.

5-year Polymeric Vinyl (DPF 4500G)

For all general Self-Adhesive Vinyl applications, we use an Intermediate Polymeric print film and a matching premium laminate. This material is ideal for full coverage window graphic campaigns, POS displays, mounting to boards and for use at exhibitions. This material is also used to dress portable cabins on building sites on a medium to long term basis.  

High Tack Vinyl (DPF 8000)

Our High Tack Vinyl can be used internally and externally for wall graphics, floor graphics and other hard-to-stick surfaces. It can be applied to smooth or rough surfaces and will conform to crevises in brickwork. Ideally used for semi-permanent projects, it has an extremely aggressive adhesive and can be quite difficult to remove once fully applied. It is ideal for use in areas that may be affected heavily by weathering (high winds and rain etc).

Cast Vehicle Wrap (DPF 6000XRP)

Our Vehicle Wrap graphics are printaed on an air release 50 micron vinyl using Latex inks and laminated with a matching laminate which makes the product fully conformable on all types of vehicle. The material is easy to work with and creates high-impact graphics produced at relatively low costs compared to the industry standard prices. If you have a fleet of vehicles to wrap or partial wrap, let Super-Wide help you with the production of the graphics.

A number of our customers have worked with certain branded vinyls for years and feel comfortable using their own material. We are happy to buy in any other branded materials, or receive free-issue materials to print on, to help you with their projects. If you're in the same boat, ask us for comparitive prices on our material and free-issue material.   

Removable Vinyl (DPF 4300)

 We use our removable vinyl for short term window or vehicle campaigns, exhibitions and for customer's who don't want to affect the paintwork on surfaces they are applying to. Straightforward material at slightly lower costs than our standard polymeric vinyl we offer.

Note - if you want a removable, repositionable and reusable material, have a look at our Speciality Materials section for Phototex, the self-adhesive fabric material that leaves no residue behind.


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