Bespoke Digital Wallpaper 

We offer a range of wallpaper materials which are ideal for creating bespoke wallcoverings and features in any kind of public or commercial environment. 
We can offer numberous options for the production of wallpaper too, the traditional way of printing and installing in drops and the new way of printing and installing one-piece wallpaper.   

One-Piece Wallpaper

Our One-Piece Wallpaper is quickly becoming a very popular product with our customer base. Produced on a PVC-free polyester textile material and printed on our Durst Rho 500R up to 5 metres high, with an almost limitless width, the quality of the final product is second to none. Ideal for retail & leisure areas, the wall graphics are printed seamlessly, meaning you get a perfectly consistent print across the length of the wall, with no joins to match up or to be picked at by curious passers by. The installation process isn't as difficult as you may think, however, we are able to offer the services of experienced one-piece wallpaper installers if you find youself with a wallpaper project that can be done in one-piece. The material and the wallpaper paste are both Fire Rated to comply with required building regulations in the UK and Europe. 

Large Format Digital Wallcoverings

We can print on to a range of large format wallcovering materials which are pasted to the wall in drops, just like traditional wallpaper. These rolls come in 1300mm widths which means we have to tile the image to fit the wall. It is not just a standard paper product, it is a brilliantly flexible, durable heavy-weight, fabric-backed printing base that is ideal for short-run, bespoke projects, creating crystal clear imagery which will transform any public or commercial space. The material comes in a range of different textures and embossments, including a smooth texture, a subtle cross-hatch texture, a grain texture, and so on...All of the materials produce impactful graphics with bright colours, which are bound to leave you customers extremely satisfied.

For more information on wallcoverings, or advise on using one-piece wallpaper, please call us on 0161 653 6500.  


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