Contra Vision Performance

Contra Vision® Perfomance™ is the origninal one way vision perforated window film, designed to allow printed graphics on one side yet remain ‘see through’ from the other side. Its ideal for window graphics in retail & entertainment areas.
Contra Vision® print films have advanced significantly over the last few years and we can now offer internally applied see-through graphics as well as the standard externally applied see-through graphics. 

We also offer a range of transparencies for the Contra Vision® print films. The transparency of the graphics depends on the diameter and spacing of the holes in the perforated vinyl. The window graphics are more impactful with a lower transparency but the client may prefer greater visibilty looking through the graphics. 

Transparency range:

  • 20% transparency - this gives maximum vibrancy to the printed image and maximum privacy. The level of through-vision is still acceptable for most static applications, particularly with full window coverage.
  • 30% transparency - the standard choice for retail windows with strong colours & imagery as well as good through-vision. 
  • 40% transparency - the most popular Contra Vision® option, with a good balance between image impact and through-vision, making it suitable for vehicle windows and full building wraps
  • 50% transparency - this gives the least amount of image detail and vibrancy and maximises the through-vision of the graphics. It is oftern specified for vehicle windows.

Internal Application 

Internally applied Contra Vision® graphics are protected from vandalism, weathering and street dirt. Access to the inside of glazing is often easier than external access, reducing installation costs (often no need for expensive access equipment).
Using our white ink technology, we print the graphics in reverse to the rear of the clear perforated film and then add a layer of white ink and a layer of black ink. Naturally, the process is slightly more expensive than the standard externally applied films but the savings from an installation point-of-view and even the reduction in potential vandalism can make this process worthwhile. 

External Application

Externally applied Contra Vision® graphics are the easiest and most cost-effective to produce. The face-film is manufacture using a polymeric vinyl which minimizes shrinkage. The window film is 180 microns in thickness which makes it stong and easier to pull up in one piece during removal of the graphics for a new campaign. 

As the external graphics are always exposed to the elements, we can offer an optically clear laminate to protect the print. The laminate protects from abrasion and window cleaning chemicals and prevents dirt and water from entering the perforated holes and clogging them up.  

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