PVC & Mesh Banners

PVC Banners are one of the most versatile advertising mediums in the large format print industry. They can be used indoors or outdoors, they are flexible, UV resistant and waterproof. All of our banners can be viewed from short distances, as we print at high resolution, regardless of the application. Each banner can be finished to suit our clients’ requirements. They are an extremely cost effective way of broadcasting any company’s marketing message.

Our production process makes handling high quantity runs of PVC Banners very straightforward. We can produce large quantities of banners at extremely cost-effective prices in very short turnaround times. You may have the ability to print small banners (3m x 1m for instance) in-house, but when it comes to high quantities, they take over your production schedule and you normally have to offer the banners at a discount quantity price. Save your print capacity for jobs with higher profit margins and allow SuperWide to take care of your quantity work whilst making you a great margin.

We can supply banners of almost limitless sizes with our in-house 5m wide printers (Durst Rho 500R & Nur Expedio) and our high frequency welding equipment. We can produce building wraps up to any size printed in one piece (up to 5m wide) or we can produce larger banners in sections and then weld them together. On all building wraps, we would use a reinforced welded hem and large eyelets all around the perimeter of the banner. In certain instances, we could produce very large banners in a couple of sections & then use a Velcro on the joints to make the installation process easier.

We offer two tiers of banner material as standard, a 500gsm Coated PVC Banner and a 440gsm Laminated PVC Banner and for the Mesh we use a 340gsm material. We can then print all of these materials on our brand new Durst Rho 500R, our two HP Scitex XP2700 3.2m wide UV printers, or even on our Nur Expedio. We tend to offer the 440gsm PVC material for large quantity runs required over a short campaign period (3-6 months) and the 500gsm PVC material for larger banners or building wraps required over a longer period of time.


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