Backlit Flexface Skins

Backlit material is mainly used to produce illuminated fascia signs for Retail & Exhibition Environments. We can produce “Flexface skins” which are designed to be tensioned in Aluminium Lightboxes and give the impression of one piece flat panel signage. We have a few print options for Backlit Flexface Skins, mainly Double-Density Printing and our best solution Day & Night Printing. 

Double-Density Flexface Skins

Backlit Flexface Skins need to have a double layer of ink printed to the backlit material to avoid the colours becoming too washed out when the skin is illuminated from the rear. Double-Density printing is the process which allows us to achieve bright, colourful, illuminated flexface signage. Double-Desnity prints work superbly when the lights are on in the sign box.
However, when the lights are off (normally during daylight hours) the colours appear a lot darker than they should be (twice as dark). In the past, this colouring problem has caused sign-makers the world over great difficulties, especially when they have a customer with stringent brand guidelines that must be adhered to. The only way to keep the customer satisfied with Double-Density Flexface Skins is to have the sign illuminated all of the time. There is however, a new solution. 

Day & Night Flexface Skins

Since the installation on our new Durst Rho 500R, with White Ink technology, we have been offering our customers a new print process for Flexface Skins called “Day & Night” printing. The Day & Night process sandwiches a layer of white ink between two layers of print, which is printed in perfect registration. During the day when the lights are off, you can only see the top layer of single density print, which is on top of the white ink layer. This means the colours appear correct to the viewer. However, when the box is illuminated, the lights shine through two layers of print, avoiding a washed out appearance and maintaining a consistent brand colour whether in the day or night. We recommend using this process for any corporate projects or for any clients that insist on maintaining their brand colours / corporate identity with no exceptions. We print all backlit Flexface skins on our Durst Rho 500R to ensure we sustain a very high quality output, whatever size the fascia is.

Sample Colour Swatches

We are always happy to produce colour swatches and samples on all backlit projects to make sure you and your customers are happy with the colours when illuminated and not illuminated before we produce the full size graphics. If you have a contract for a roll out of flexface signage, it is always best to get your colours signed off first. If you do want samples, we will print a copy for your records, a copy for your customer's records and a copy for our own records, so that at any stage of a roll out, we can refer back to the confirmed colours.

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