About Us

Super-Wide is a trade digital printing house. We strongly believe that mixing trade work with retail/end user work is not conducive for our own success and therefore we have set our structure to assist an industry of sign makers, digital printers, screen printers, litho printers and exhibition companies. We concentrate our efforts on working with these types of companies, because these are the companies that know what they want. We like to take print ready artwork from our customers and produce the output to their exact requirements on their desired materials. This is where we are most effective.


We can produce artwork from scratch and we do alter and amend creatives for many of our clients on a daily basis, but we don’t employ a team of graphic designers who’s role is to work on artwork briefs and produce graphics & visuals all the time. Our artwork studio team is part of a streamline system which takes print-ready artwork in, checks it for potential print problems, prepares the artwork for printing and then RIPs the artwork to the machines. This way, we spend time doing what we do best, printing and finishing products for our trade customers.


One of our firm beliefs is that if we treat our customers as we like to be treated by our own suppliers, we can expect a good working relationship. Many of our existing customers have been with us since the very start, back in 2000, which is a sound reflection of how we like to work. We have never been a marketing or promotion driven company. We have always concentrated on reinvesting our profit into new technology rather than marketing campaigns for new customers. So whilst we haven't always shouted about our capabilities from the roof tops, we have always had a wealth of equipment to look after our customer's needs. Because of this, many of our new customers come to know of Super-Wide through word of mouth and customer referals.  


We are a team of honest, experienced, hardworking people who want the best for our company and most importantly for our customers. As such, we will do all it takes to ensure our customers receive the highest quality output in the fastest possible lead times, meeting the ever-increasing demands of the industry.  

Despite people’s worries about the long term future of print, we see a bright future ahead for the printing industry, justified by the continuous advancements in print technology. We will be doing our very best to ensure all of our trade partners can benefit and prosper in printing for many years to come.


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