Contra Vision: the clear choice

See-through graphics have been one of our speciality products for many years, and the feedback we've consistently received over that time is how effective the applications have proven to be, especially in retail and entertainment settings. That said, if you want crisp and crystal clear window graphics, there is only one option: Contra Vision Performance. Don't just take our word for it – even the Queen recognised it as one of the '100 best of British inventions of all time'.

We offer Contra Vision from 20 – 50% transparency, meaning you control the appearance of the graphic from the level of visibility through the substrate compared to its vibrancy, but with no skimping on the impact it will have on the viewer.

Externally applied, the graphics are cost-effective for producing a high-impact visual display. We can also add clear laminate to protect the material from the elements, chemicals and to prevent damage. Applying the material from the inside means easier access, allows you to bypass any planning restrictions and also gives greater protection against vandalism and dirt, while still achieving your desired effect.

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