SuperWide's Superheroes: Matt Bruch, studio manager

Versatility is SuperWide studio manager Matt Bruch's middle name; at least, it should be. Matt joined SuperWide in 2010 as a senior pre-press operator and now runs the company's studio, ensuring that each job is sent to print on time and making sure any errors are dealt with at the design stage.

Matt's background is in screen-printing, where he began his career in 2001. A couple of years later he enrolled at MANCAT (Manchester College of Arts and Technology), where he completed night courses in digital print methods. Having picked up Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark during his screen-printing days, Matt was able to adapt to a digital print pre-press environment without any trouble at all.

The nature of Matt's work means that he is constantly juggling several tasks at once: "My day-to-day roles include managing the staff in the studio, maintaining stock levels, designing and creating artwork, RIPping files and printing wide-format vinyl jobs," he says. "Beyond that, it's my responsibility to keep ahead of technology developments to make sure that we are up to date with the most efficient ways to use our software and machinery, as well as looking out for new staff."

Matt's toughest challenge is the never-ending task of finding efficiencies in the company's workflow: "The biggest issue is co-ordinating all printing to minimise wastage," he admits. "As we offer so many different products, the work has to be scheduled so we are not chopping and changing materials and printers all the time. Of course, tight deadlines are a challenge in any industry so we have to keep coming up with ways to increase production speed whilst still maintaining quality."

For Matt, however, the thrill of trade printing has its benefits: "We have much faster turnaround times and deadlines than your typical print house," he explains. "In a way, working with the trade is easier as they know exactly what they want and are easier to communicate with. It's nice that we don't have a particular niche as well; any wide- or superwide-format work we'll do in-house."

Matt's SuperWide superpower: exceptional flexibility

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